the Art of Dug Stanat
Koshchei: I Am A Long Way From Death
©2017 Dug Stanat
62 x 21 x 22 cm (25 x 8 x 9 inches)
mixed media and acrylic

This classic Slavic fairy tale villain was not only bad in the brain, he was a bit wacky up there, too. Depicted is Koshchei gathering his resolve, the moment just before he commits to placing his soul in the tip of a needle, shoving that needle into an egg, stuffing that egg in a duck, cramming that duck into a hare, locking that hare in a box, and burying that box under an Oak on an Isle that comes and goes with the tide...yeah, the original horcrux, and done just so he could make Voldemort look like an underachiever...told you he was a nasty fellow.